Frequently Asked Questions:
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1.      How can I add a link to your site on my site?

2.      How do I submit a different credit card?

3.      Where can I see your clipart gallery?

4.      Where can I see what colors you have available
         for the lettering on my sign?

5.      How do I take care of my magnetic signs?

6.      How long does it take from start to finish to get
         my signs?

7.      Where can I see your standard border designs?

8.      I have ordered from you before, but I can't find
         my order info.  How can I place a re-order?

9.      Do you have any other border designs to choose

10.    Where can I see what fonts I can pick from?

11.    What if I decide to not order from you after I
         have seen my proof?

12.    Can I send you my own logo?

13.    What other products do you sell?

14.    What is your privacy policy?

15.    Do you have any references?

16.    How will I know when my proof is ready?

17.    How can I see my proof when it is ready?