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Proof Timing

A link to your proofs page will be e-mailed to you.  Proofs are generally completed within 4-8 hours after your order is submitted, excluding Holidays (Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST).  So, for example, if you submit your proof anywhere from Friday at 5:01pm thru Monday at 8:59am, then your order is logged Monday 9:00am, and your proof should be completed before Tuesday at 9:00am, again excluding Holidays.  If you submitted your proof Wednesday night, it will be logged Thursday morning 9:00am, and your proof should be completed before Friday morning.

Here's a little chart to simplify:

Order submitted on: Will by ready before:
Friday 5:00pm thru Monday 9:00am Tuesday Morning
Tuesday 9-5* Wednesday 9-5*
Wednesday 9-5* Thursday 9-5*
Thursday 9-5* Friday 9-5*
Friday 9-5* Monday 9-5*
*Proof is generally ready for your review before the hour of your order submittal on the order submittal day, i.e. order submitted at 3pm should be ready before 3pm on "ready by" day.

Once in a while it may take a little longer (like after holiday weekends, etc.)  Usually, however, proofs are completed way before the 8 hour mark.

You will receive an e-mail when your proof is ready.  And feel free to e-mail us if you are nervous, or if you are just in a hurry.  We aim to please!  Thank you for choosing!

Also, Please Note:  If you haven't heard from us that your proof is ready with a link to view your proof, and it's been more than 24 hours, there is a very good chance that your notification has been eaten by the 'SPAM Monster'.  That's the well meaning monster that delivers spam to our inbox, but eats the e-mail that we are waiting for! 

 E-mail us and inquire about your order - and don't forget to include your order number.  Generally, once you e-mail us, that can open up your inbox to receive our e-mail (especially AOL).  Also, have a look at your deleted/junk mail folder. 


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